fixed paver pedestal

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fixed paver pedestal

Post by pati520h » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:29 am

The fixed height supports system 12.5mm
MB-FP-01 12.5mm height fixed support pads is used to support the paving tiles indoor and outdoor, such as indoor rooms, lobby, balcony, roofing, public square etc.
NameThe fixed height supports system 12.5mm
Material 98% PP and 2% additives, such as anti-UV etc
Loading ability2,000 kgs/pedestal
SizeDiameter 150mm
Color Black or customized color
Height Range12.5mm height fixed
Slope correctorCompensate slope 0%-5%
Application paving tiles and timber or timber composite decking on roof terraces, balconies, garden terraces, podiums around swimming pools, temporary floors in marquees and raised floors in the chemical, mechanical offshore oil rig,metallurgy industries and many other applications.

1. Height range 12.5mm height fixed
2. Paver spacer tabs 2mm thickness
3. Rubber shim 1mm/2mm thickness
4. High loading 2000kgs/pedestal
5. UV-stable and chemical resistant
6. Do not damage waterproof membranes
7. Allow for positive drainage & ventilation
8. Absorb sound increase temperature insulation
9. Compensate ground slope
10. Easy and fast installation fixed paver pedestal
website: ... g-support/

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